Message from the Chairman

First of all, I’d like to extend my thanks to all the leaders, friends and partners for your attention to China Machinery Cloud Science and Technology Company and ACMTC!

China Machinery Cloud Science and Technology Company was jointly established by four legal entities led by CNMTC. CNMTC has been focusing on this industry for nearly 40 years. It has experienced numerous ups and downs in this industry, but it has never forgotten its original goal. Therefore, it insists on its mission of “revitalizing China's machine tool industry, creating value for the customers, creating wealth for the society, creating happiness for the employees, and continue to provide products and services acclaimed by the market”. The company is committed to promoting innovation and development of the industry and the enterprises.

The newly-proposed national strategies such as “Made in China 2025”, “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Internet Plus” have brought about unprecedented changes and opportunities to the machine tool industry. In conjunction with SINOMACH’s strategy of "building a brand-new SINOMACH overseas", we have made a timely decision on building and developing ACMTC platform, aiming to make our due contribution to quality improvement, efficiency enhancement, restructuring and upgrading of the machine tool industry through new thinking, new ideas and new methods.

“An educated man cannot but be ambitious and perseverant for he has undertaken great responsibilities and embarked on a long road.” Likewise, ACMTC platform must adhere to its core values of “putting customers first, seeking integrity and excellence, pursuing synergy for co-development and innovation for win-win situation”, actively fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, and work wholeheartedly with the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders to achieve common development and create a bright future!